Our People


Our employees are the lifeblood of our company, and are the reason MPS has been able to establish a lengthy list of satisfied customers. We know that we need to treat them in a fair and honest manner, and show them the respect that they deserve. An MPS private security officer is always well trained, exhibits honesty, integrity, and high levels of professionalism. Only a select few can be an MPS security officer.

We require the following from each prospective MPS employee:

  • Completion of a comprehensive application
  • Full educational history
  • Verified employment history
  • Comprehensive Nationwide FBI and DOJ background checks
  • Pre-employment and random drug testing
  • Experience in the security industry

Before a prospective employee is hired to be part of the MPS team, they are put through a rigorous evaluation process that includes the following:

  • Multiple interviews by members of the MPS staff
  • Evaluation of written and verbal skills, professional experience, ability to fulfill required responsibilities, and appearance and attitude
  • Additional background checks are completed including verification of work history, licenses and permits, reference checks, and more
  • Employee assessment for matching the correct officer to the appropriate assignment
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MPS Security Officers are Well Trained and Supervised

MPS employees receive over 40 hours of training before working as a security officer for MPS.

Training is a continual process for an MPS security officer. MPS employees receive ongoing post employment training that is customized and specially designed for their work location. This training includes:

  • Written and verbal training exams
  • Written and verbal evaluations to assess performance
  • Training checklists
  • Role playing
  • Video based training programs
  • Classroom training programs

Frequent and random supervisor visits are made to all client sites by our supervisor and management team. While there they provide ongoing training and ensure that security officers are up to standards and fulfilling all post requirements.

At MPS we have an open door policy for all our employees. We encourage them to provide feedback and make recommendations regarding how we can provide better services for our clients, or improve the way our company operates. We know our employees are our most valuable asset, and we treat them accordingly.

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