Office and Professional

Office and Industrial Buildings

In a professional business environment you need professional security officers that provide a positive first impression of your company. They must be able to effectively interact with your employees, visitors, and the public in a courteous and respectful manner, simultaneously providing service while maintaining the integrity of your building and protecting your physical and other assets. MPS security officers will:

  • Help to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your employees and visitors
  • Control access as appropriate to your facility
  • Protect your property and assets
  • Maintain a courteous relationship with your employees and visitors
  • Conduct frequent foot, vehicle or, other patrols, alertly checking for anything that may present a safety or other hazard to your facility
  • Work closely with your facilities and/or property management staff to ensure a smooth operation of the building
  • Closely follow post instructions and create Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, Lights Out Reports, Damage Reports, or any other reports as required

Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Access control
  • CCTV design and monitoring
  • Metal detector monitoring
  • Theft deterrence

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